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Mark talks with leading subject matter experts to gain a deeper understanding of topics related to personal, physical, and spiritual development, as well as contemporary issues and more.

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The Pirate Professor, Martin Benjamin

Martin Benjamin is a multilingual lexicographer and language technologist who is trained neither as a computer scientist nor a linguist. While learning Swahili for his

traditional karate

Principles of Traditional Karate

Sensei John Solheim has been practicing Karate since 1992. The focus of his teaching and instruction since 2000 has been on Karate as it applies

About Your Host

Mark Shriner

Mark started the Mark Shriner Podcast in 2023 so that he could to talk with and learn from high performers across a variety areas, introduce performance hacks, and share product and book reviews.

Mark is also the creator and host of The Secure Talk Podcast. Founded in 2018, The Secure Talk Podcast discusses the latest trends and technologies related to cybersecurity, compliance, and crypto currencies. 


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