The Effects of Language-Related Technologies

January 18, 2023

In this episode I talk with María Scheibengraf and Jost Zetzsche about how the language technology we use affects the way we communicate. We drill down on the effects of some of the tools used in the localization industry such as machine translation and discuss ways to possibly use these tools in more effective manner.

Maria is an award-winning Spanish translator, a marketing, transcreation, UX/UI & SEO expert, a copywriter, the author of The SEO Translation Bible, and the co-founder of Crisol Translations.

Crisol Translations

The SEO Translation Bible (e-book)

Jost Zetzsche is independent translator, localization consultant, and writer. He is Principal of the International Writer’s Group, has a Ph.d in Chinese Studies with emphasis in translation, and has written several books including;

Characters with Character: 50 Ways to Rekindle Your Love Affair with Language Characters

Translation Matters The Translator’s Tool Box: A Computer Primer for Translators Found in Translation

Jost on Twitter @jeromobot Latest version of Translator’s Tool Box (together with Nora Díaz)…

Translation Insights & Perspectives

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